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The prizes you can win in this giveaway are:

- A 8pc set of Sunset dice

- A 8pc set of Sunrise dice

- A pair of Sunset D20s 


And there are more dice you can win if they are unlocked! 

- A pair of Sunrise D20s (Unlocks at 23.5k Instagram Followers)

- A 8pc set of Ocean Sunrise (Unlocks at 24k Instagram Followers)

- A pair of Ocean Sunrise D20s (Unlocks at 24.5k Instagram Followers)

- And finally a 8pc Custom Set of dice (Unlocks at 25k Instagram Followers)


*The Giveaway starts on April 6th and will end on April 14th at 12pm EST

*When the giveaway ends and I draw the winners I will announce them on my Instagram story and also send an email. So keep an eye out for that at the end of the giveaway.