"You don't have any dice in your shop, Are you still open?"

Yes I'm still open! Since I can't constantly keep my shop stocked with dice I have to do "Shop Updates". Those "Shop Updates" will have dice available to buy but once all the sets are sold there will be no more available until my next update! 

All "Shop Update" dates will be advertised on the Home page!

You can also sign up for my mailing list by clicking here.  You'll get Shop Update dates, Reminders, and other important shop news! 


"Are your dice balanced?"

This is a question I see being asked very often. So with dice there is no truly balanced set of dice, There are even some really special casino dice that are specially treated and swapped out constantly and they are not even perfectly balanced! 

But with these dice, if you trust a set of Chessex or any other mass produced set to roll balanced, Then you should treat handmade dice no different! One thing that can cause unbalanced rolls is sculpted or bead inclusions.


"Do you ship internationally?":

I do! 


"How much are your dice?

My sets will range from $100 to $130 for standard sets. My B-grade sets range from $80 to $100 and singles range from $5 to $25 depending on the dice and design. And Raw unfinished sets are $60-$80


"Do you take commissions?"

Yes I take commissions! However I only offer then occasionally in shop updates


"What can I expect from buying handmade dice?"

Every one of my sets are handmade with love and care, But with them being handmade small flaws may occur! Such as small scratches, scuffs, carved numbers and small holes. These flaws however do not effect the dice rolls! They just give them a little personality!

If there is a set of dice with more major flaws then it will be listed as "B-Grade" 


"Who made your logo?"

The logo I use for my stickers and profile pictures is made by @magpiediceco on Instagram! She is fantastic and does amazing work!

And the mushroom logo and skull I use on my dice are hand drawn by me!